Michael Itaev of West Coast Commodity and Technology to Build Gasification Power Plant in Mexico

Michael Itaev

November 20, 2020

Michael Itaev

Michael Itaev of West Coast Commodity is pleased to announce the building of a gasification power plant in Mexico City, Mexico. According to Michael Itaev, the project will enhance thermo-chemical technologies that convert biomass, municipal/industrial wastes, and coal into high quality, clean energy. “Our aim is to create value for Mexico City,” says Michael Itaev. “We’ll do this by matching technologies to meet specific and diverse project requirements.”

Michael Itaev is pleased that Mexico City has decided to embark on a journey of clean, affordable energy. This rapidly growing alternative energy marketplace will also place emphasis on the surrounding cities, as well, says Michael Itaev. “Mexico City and surrounding areas,” says Michael Itaev, “will have improved electricity that is supplied by a combination of gas, bio-fuel, and ethanol. This will stabilize the country’s energy costs and clean up the environment.”

Not only does the new gasification power plant create energy, but it also takes into consideration existent waste, according to Michael Itaev. This waste consists of garbage, biological waste, and chemical waste. Furthermore, according to Michael Itaev, Mexico will become self-reliant and not have to buy energy from other countries. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the new gasification power plant in Mexico City, right alongside the fact that it will be producing new, clean energy directly from waste material.

“Improvements will also take place among the local economy,” says Michael Itaev. “The project will create jobs, lower the cost of power, and solve Mexico’s energy crisis. It’s really a win-win for everyone involved. Turning garbage into raw material that can then be used to power a home is remarkable and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

West Coast Commodity & Technology is committed to improving the environment by providing generation technology that protects public health. This power plant is a huge step in getting that done. There are so many direct benefits of the new gasification power plant in Mexico City, according to Michael Itaev – economically, environmentally, politically, and even socially. The more money people save on energy costs, the easier it can be to put that money elsewhere, like education.

The plant will be built in about one to one and a half years, according to Michael Itaev, depending on the length of time it takes to get the proper permits.