Michael Itaev Continues to Give Back to Community

Michael Itaev

November 23, 2020

Meir Itaev

 Michael Itaev continues to be well known around the world for being a very successful businessman. Today, Itaev, who is also referred to as Michael, is the owner of West Coast Commodity and Technology, which is a company that he founded years ago. This organization is continuing to develop technologies and processes that are helping to improve the environment and living conditions all over the world. While his work with this organization has continued to help him build a successful professional life, he has also continued to find ways to give back to the community.

Michael Itaev Focuses on Giving to Children

Michael Itaev is well aware that children are the future of the world and he strives to ensure that he is able to give back to younger people all over Los Angeles and the rest of the world. Today, Itaev is a donor and contributor to the Rainbow Children’s Academy. Through this organization, he is able to ensure that kids all over his area are cared for and receive the resources they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Michael Itaev Focuses on Improving Environment

While he continues to give back his time and personal resources to various charities, he is also helping to change and improve the world through his company. Today, the amount of garbage and trash built up around the world is very concerning. Michael Itaev has continued to help solve this problem through gasification technology. This technology helps to turn garbage into energy, which could then be used to power entire buildings and create another energy usage. This will not only help to reduce trash buildup but will reduce the use of natural resources as well.

Michael Itaev Focuses on Giving Back During Holidays

While the holidays can be a very joyous time of the year for some people, for others it can be a challenge. Through his organization, Michael Itaev continues to find ways to give back to those. With his organization, he has created a number of programs that help to feed, clothe, and educate people. He has also put on a variety of different holiday-themed presentations and celebrations to ensure all kids are able to have a fun holiday season full of celebration while making great long-lasting holiday memories.

Michael Itaev Gives Time as Well

For those that are looking to give back, providing financial resources is very important. However, it is also important that you donate your time as well. Meir Itaev is well aware of how important his presence can be when it comes to lifting spirits and motivating others to donate and give back as well. Today, Itaev continues to find time during even the busiest times of the year to help out his charitable foundation and other valuable organizations as well.